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The Small Print

Please read this page carefully. By downloading or purchasing these patterns and/or books, you are automatically agreeing to these terms. Failure to abide by these terms could result in legal action being taken. That said, I'm sure you'll find the terms to be civilised.


As a UK national, all the patterns and tutorials designed and written by Woolly Wormhead are therefore covered by UK Copyright & Design Rights Law. You may find the UK laws more restrictive than that of other countries.

This means that no part of the information provided, whether it be free pattern PDF's, photos or text, any part of the book or pattern content, may be distributed without the permission of the copyright holder, Woolly Wormhead. That is why you are asked to link to the pages on this website rather than distribute the PDF's yourself.

In the UK we also have automatic design rights. Whilst some may consider this a grey area, all work produced is covered by this and I suggest you read more information from the link provided above.


Licensing refers to how copyrighted material is used. For your convenience, I have broken this down into the following sections.

Making items to sell from my patterns and books:

For non-profit:
You may make as many items as you like from my patterns, provided you do not charge for labour and give credit to the designer (Woolly Wormhead) where possible.

This means that you may only charge to cover material costs, and you labour will be given for free. This license agreement covers charity purposes and making gifts for friends and/or family. If you are donating the item to a cause it may be difficult to credit the designer, however if you are charging at a charity sale or auction, or giving the item to friends and/or family, credit must be given, with details of this website, should anyone else be interested in the origins of the designs and patterns.

I also ask that if you are selling the item (particularly online) that you state that permission has been granted, as this avoids any speculation and makes things easier for both parties.

For profit:
You will be limited to 10 items made from any single pattern within one year (from date of download) - after that year expires, the license is renewed. The limit exists primarily to prevent mass production and manufacture without my knowledge. Should you wish to knit or manufacture large quantities from my designs, then please contact me.

Credit must be given to the designer (Woolly Wormhead) where possible with details of this website's URL, preferably on a tag. If the item is to be sold online, the designer's name must be evident. I also ask that if you are selling the item (particularly online) that you state that permission has been granted, as this avoids any speculation and makes things easier for both parties.

Where possible, you should charge a reasonable amount for your labour. Many knitters and crocheters grossly undercharge for their labour when selling their hand-made goods, and this only serves the undervaluing of our crafts. The only way to change this perception is to charge a reasonable amount for our labour, and the labour charge should be greater than the cost of materials, and ideally be minimum wage or above, which is perfectly feasible with small items such as Hats.

Teaching classes based on my patterns and books:

Teaching classes is permitted provided full credit is given to the designer & publisher for the work. This means that if you are using a free pattern, the class attendees should download and print their own copy. Likewise, if you are teaching from one of the paid-for patterns, one copy for each student must be purchased. Photocopying of my patterns is not permitted.

I am more than happy for my patterns and tutorials to be used for classes so permission to use them is not needed, provided the above terms are complied with. The designer name and website link must remain on the patterns/books/tutorials, and where possible, any advertisement for the class that uses my work should also include my details.

Using my work for promotion:

I am more than happy for you to use my work for promotion, such as making samples for an LYS, provided again credit is given and information regarding the source is readily available.