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Each Hat is an original Woolly Wormhead innovation. These designs are created using unusual construction techniques and intriguing stitch combinations, resulting in unique and versatile pieces.

Each pattern is carefully developed and every effort is made to ensure that the instructions are as clear as possible. All patterns include a range of sizes, and many have additional design options and notes for alterations. Where possible, illustrated tutorials for specialist techniques are also included.

Print and wholesale options are also available.

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"Woolly is an amazing designer who brings endless life and creativity to the field of Hat design"  Amy Singer

"She calls herself a Hat architect, but I think Woolly Wormhead is a Hat magician. How else can one women take something as simple and ubiquitous as a knitted Hat and reinvent it over and over again into something beautiful and interesting?"  Jillian Moreno

"You feel like you are discovering a secret treasure when you look through one of Woolly Wormhead's books. Her Hat designs are like nothing else out there"  Susan B. Anderson 

"Woolly is one of the most sophisticated and talented designers I can think of, with a completely instinctive and unstoppable need to design and create" Susan Crawford

"Woolly Wormhead is an innovator when it comes to Hat architecture, in the same way that Cat Bordhi is for socks"KT Vaughan Designs